Inspired to do a series on sea life after visiting the Aquarium. Love the transparency of the jellyfish, they are so beautiful. On Christmas day I saw many washed up on the shore.

Finally came to terms with the paintings. I deviated from Earth, Fire and Water. Guess I could stretch it, but I decided to call the works collectively as "Trials of Nature". They are now on display at the Selden Arcade in Norfolk, VA!

On to the next art project!

Fire No. 2 Second day  working on getting more depth. The inspiration is from a photo of flowers that I took many years ago. I haven't figured out what kind it is. As I work the image will change and possibly get more and more abstract. We'll see!


Water No. 2 Working in layers. I was inspired by the lionfish invasion in the Gulf of Mexico. The are native to the Far East. The theory is, that because of aquarium enthusiasts, they have colonized in the Florida and the Bahamas. The fish have no natural enemies and will surely impact small fish such as grouper, red snapper and other game fish. Another example of man vs. nature and the resulting distruction of species that they wouldn't naturally share a habitat with. They are really adaptable to their new home and can withstand great depths, deeper than a diver could go! OK, enough for now!

I am trying to jump start my creativity. The theme of growth, renewal and perseverence have been on my mind. I took three empty canvases and painted an underpainting related to Earth, Fire and Water.

Not sure where they are going, but I have worked on the Earth imagery.

Here's the photos (taken with my iphone):

Hope to paint more tomorrow!